What to do after a car accident


You can be in a state of shock if you are involved in an accident. It can be quite hard to make rational decisions and stay calm with adrenaline rising in your body. However, what you do as soon as this event occurs can seriously impact the outcome. Here are some of the important steps to take to ensure human safety.

Collect contact information and names of direct witnesses

If it is possible, collect contact information and the names of all direct witnesses. Their statements can be important in supporting any injury claims that you file. You can have them give dates and sign their initial statements soon after you collect them to add more weight to your case increase their validity.lawcollecrasdfghjk

Ensure that everybody in your car is fine

Park the car and turn off the ignition. You might overlook these minor details as a result of panic and shock, but, they are necessary to ensure that there are no further injuries sustained and no additional damage is done to the vehicles.

Check the other car

Make sure that the passengers in the other vehicle are in acceptable condition. If emergency response service is needed, contact professionals. If you do not have first aid training, seek for help in any passersby who are willing to offer their help.

Share auto insurance information

It is important for both drivers to share their insurance information. Do not allow anyone to exit the scene until you have copied down the relevant details. Do this even if it is a minor accident and there are no significant injuries sustained. Do not fully or partially admit that it is your fault when you are discussing the accident. This can later be determined via witness statements, individual statements and other evidence that is collected.

Report the incident

File an official report by attending officers. Submit this to all the parties that are appropriate and retain copies to attach to your claim. This way, all the facts that concern this event are recorded duly and are not likely to be contested.

Get a reputable auto accident lawyer

Get in touch with a motor vehicle accident lawyer that is reputable to help you build your case. This expert can take the evidence that you have collected and use it to pursue a fair settlement for the pain all the financial losses that you incur.

Go to the emergency room

lawleftysxdcfvgbhnjmEven if you do not have broken bones or you are not bleeding, take an emergency room trip. Whiplash and other forms of joint dysfunction are common among auto accident victims. A doctor reviewing and documenting your injuries is also important in building your claim.