Things to Consider When Booking A mobile Cocktail Bar

No matter how big or small your event is, it can be a daunting task to arrange for a successful one. The most important thing is to make sure that everything that is basic is put in place. However, you can reduce the work by booking a mobile cocktail bar around your location. Also, the venue that you choose will be the landscape of the entire event. Therefore, the following are some of the important tips on how to book the best mobile cocktail bar in your town.




Experience is very important because you do not want to hire people who will frustrate you in front of your guests.  Experience is determined by the number of events they have been to. Basically, do your homework in determining the most experienced mobile cocktail bar.



Always go for services that worth spending on. Do not be afraid to spend if you have enough money. However, remember to differentiate between scammers and real mobile cocktail bar. Also, know your limit by drafting a reasonable budget. Be on the watch to avoid overspending or being exploited by fraudsters who will take advantage of your ignorance. Make sure you are able to account for every cent spent but most importantly compare the quotes from various crews.




Whenever you think of hiring a mobile cocktail crew to grace your event, ensure you consider the location. Some mobile bar cannot move out of their city headquarters. Make sure that you share with them about the location and let them reason out whether they can make it to that location. Also, consider a location that is accessible so that they can reach there without undergoing many difficulties.




Predetermining the capacity of your guests will help them to satisfy your crew efficiently. The venue should accommodate both your guest and the mobile bar crew. You do not want to have a scenario whereby the crew has no space to set up their counter. Giving them a clear estimation of your guest will help you to go for the right crew.




A good mobile bar should always be available and for the tasks assigned. They should arrive the venue in time. They should always be available for consultation during the preliminaries. This allows you two to arrange properly for a successful event. You can know whether they are punctual by reading reviews from the previous clients. If there is a lot of complaints on the issue regarding time, do not make a deal with such crew.





Transparency is key. You need to book a mobile bar that is honest with you all along. If they are not able to meet your needs, they should let you know in time. They should also guarantee you satisfaction and compensation for any inconveniences caused.





They should be flexible on the venues, event date and time of the date. They should be able to fit any condition of the party. A good mobile cocktail bar should also be flexible on budget.