Self-defense techniques for women

Self-defense techniques for women

In today’s age, the safety of women is a major concern. With an increase in sexual abuse, domestic violence, and violence against women, it has become a requirement that is mandatory for women to equip themselves with different self-defense techniques and skills.

There are places and streets that women feel unsafe. The nervous emotion while traveling or walking alone in the dark is excruciating. Your level of strength and confidence will increase within you with the right methodologies to fight off a person who has been stalking or harassing you.

Top self-defense techniques for women

Straight punchwomenstraightpp

If a person is in front of you and you suspect that he is a threat and his hands are on you, it will be effective to throw a straight punch. Pushing from the ball of your foot and thrusting your fist and hip forward at the same time, will increase your strength. Remember to aim at your attacker’s vulnerable areas, for example, the nose, eye or throat.

The elbow knead

This technique has been tested and tried. The results of this technique are always effective. If you feel like someone is following you or a person is trying to grab you from behind, thrust your elbow backward in full force to the stomach of the intruding person. This will cause serious pain to the person while you get ample time of taking the next course of action.

The knee kick

It may be difficult to throw a straight punch if your attacker is too close. If the attacker is in front of you, kick with your knee. Drive your knee powerfully straight up to hit the attacker’s groin. Make sure to use the bonny tip of your knee and not your thigh. This way more pain will be caused. Try to grab the attacker’s shoulders and try to hold to as much muscle, skin or clothing as you can. This will provide you more leverage for harder knee-kicking.



Since the human skull is very robust and solid, you can use it as a weapon to defend yourself if whoever is attacking you happen to be in front of you. Force your head to the face of your attacker to cause unbearable pain.

The bear hug defense

Bear hugging is a common move for male attackers attacking females. When your attacker grabs you by the shoulders from behind or the front, your best defense should be trying to drop toward the ground and squirm as much as you can to wriggle out the attacker’s hold.womenleftsdfghjk

You can also keep a few tools and weapons with you apart from these techniques. For example a pepper spray, taser or a tactical flashlight.Always remember to be calm and have confidence in whatever technique or tool you use to scare away your attacker.…